Outstanding Change Proposals

Standard Names Metadata3/2/04Open 
Enhancements to Upload Transaction11/21/03Open 
Simplify GetMetadata11/21/03Withdrawn by Author12/3/03
Remove Multipart from GetObject11/21/03PostponedDecember 2003 meeting notes.
Compact Format Simplification11/19/03DeferredDecember 2003 meeting notes.
Object Upload9/29/03DeferredDecember 2003 meeting notes.
GetObject Changes8/7/03DiscussedAugust 2003 meeting notes.
Transmission of Field Security Information8/1/03WithdrawnAugust 2003 meeting notes.
Update Transaction Validation7/24/03DiscussedAugust 2003 meeting notes.
Hotsheet1/20/03OpenApril 2003 meeting notes.
February 2003 meeting notes.
Distributed Database Enhancements2/13/03OpenFebruary 2003 meeting notes.
Transmitting Structure Information12/25/01Resubmitted by the authorJune 2002 meeting notes.

Informal comments on the standards should be sent to the rets-dev mailing list. To subscribe to this list, see the lists page; you must be subscribed in order to post to the list. Working group members routinely monitor the list traffic and should be able to respond to questions or comments within a day or so.

Formal change proposals for RETS should be sent to [email protected]. To be considered for publication, the comment must contain the following information:

Your name
The name of your organization
A mailing address
Optionally, a telephone number and email address

A description of the proposed change, including the section of the document to be changed, and any new proposed wording. If the proposal is for changes to the DTD, the precise meaning of any new elements should be specified.

An estimate of the complexity of implementing the proposed change.

An estimate of the effect of the change on interoperability with implementations that have not yet incorporated the proposed change.

An email template to assist in preparing formal comments will be available on this page in the near future. There will also be a special form for registration of new well-known resource names, as described in the standard.

Once a proposal has met the requirements for publication, it will be available for public comment through this page. In addition, a digest of formal change proposals available for review is sent periodically to the rets-announce mailing list